We are experts in helping Clients with the digital side of their business, so that they can focus on their core business, save resources and achieve better results.

Danyuki Software is a London-based award-winning agency that turns its Clients' ideas, requirements and strategies into high-quality web, mobile and software products.
We have also successfully launched a couple of our own creations into the international market.


Thanks to our in-house expertise and our network of highly skilled and trusted partners and consultants, we can provide integrated (or individual) services in these areas:

  • Software Development

    We are experts in the design and development of complex web applications (SaaS) - software that runs "in the Cloud", accessible via a browser, able to work even offline.
    We also design and build engaging websites and provide hosting, SEO and payment services.

  • Mobile Development

    The development of mobile applications, targeting a wide range of platforms (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, iPad and other tablets), is one of our specialty areas.
    We can build both native and web applications (using HTML5).

  • Hardware Design

    We have recently started a new branch of our business for the design and construction of electronic devices and prototypes that, for instance, can collect data from sensors, can connect wirelessly to the Internet to send and receive data or can move mechanical parts.

  • Marketing and Strategy

    We conceived, developed and launched some technological products into the market ourselves. How exciting it was!
    Thanks to our first-hand experience with the whole product lifecycle, we can help you succeed with your project.



These are some of the projects we have successfully launched recently:

  • Collaborade

    Collaborade is a collaborative web application for businesses: company staff can use it internally as well as coordinate with other companies or freelancers.

    With Collaborade, a company or organisation can keep all of their projects easily accessible in one place - everybody knows who is working on what, and can give their input on any issue by adding a comment to a particular task.

    Collaborade uses monthly subscriptions as its revenue generating mechanism.



We are based in London, UK.

We love clarity and transparency and we are extremely goal-oriented.

We know that deadlines and budgets are important to you. Therefore, from the planning phase, we think thoroughly about potential obstacles that may arise down the line. If they were to unfortunately turn into reality, we would already know how to mitigate them and keep the project on track.

We believe that we are very effective and efficient while doing our job and that we use smart tools - those two elements allow us to deliver projects quickly and at a reasonable budget.

We love being able to use our knowledge, experience, and tools to help our Clients reach their goals and to make the world a better place. Based on that, we prefer not to work with any company that deals with gambling or pornography.

We want our Clients to be happy not only with the final result, but happy throughout the entire process of working with us, as our ultimate goal is to build strong, long-lasting relationships.

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